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Low-Cost Device for Fluorescein-Guided Surgery in Malignant Brain Tumor

Renan Maximilian Lovato1, João Luiz Vitorino Araujo1,2 , José Carlos Esteves Veiga1 - BACKGROUND: Gross total resection for malignant brain neoplasms is challenging owing to the heterogeneity of these lesions and infiltration in eloquent areas. Gross total resection is a very important part of treatment of these patients and is a crucial prognostic factor. Fluorescence-guided surgery is an important [...]

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Congenital giant craniopharyngioma

Ulisses do Prado Aguiar & João Luiz Vitorino Araujo & José Carlos Esteves Veiga & Milton Hikaro Toita & Guilherme Brasileiro de Aguiar Abstract Purpose Congenital intracranial tumors are extremely rare and the most common is teratoma. Craniopharyngioma is a rare neonatal tumor with only eight cases reported. The management of this tumor in the [...]

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Scalp, skull and brain metastasis of squamous cell

 Scalp, skull and brain metastasis of squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix – a rare entity J. L. Vitorino-Araujo 1 , J. C. E. Veiga 1 , V. R. Barboza 1 , N. de Souza 2 , D. Mayrink 3 , R. F. Nadais 2 & E. G. Figueiredo 4 1 Discipline of Neurosurgery, Santa [...]

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